10 Ways To Spot Guys Who Have No Girlfriends

You might want to know the attitudes exhibited by guys who have no girlfriends. Just sit back, relax and read along with me the ways to spot guys who have no girlfriends.

1. They Look Unkempt

Those who live in school hostel or have room mates can relate to this. These guys can wear a pair of boxers for at least three weeks without worrying about the stench emanating from it. This is because they feel no lady will be seeing their joysticks or boxers soon, therefore, regular washing and replacement is not of utmost importance to them.

2. They Talk about Saving Money for their Future

Some of them them are very easy to spot by the way they talk in public places. They talk about how ladies will deplete their chances of becoming rich and wealthy. They talk about how they have long been saving their hard earned money into their bank accounts for a rewarding future. Even if you check their bank alert messages, they might be not even have more than N2, 000 in it.

3. They regularly Visit the Brothel

Frustratiom and lack of body control usually lead some of them to the brothel where they stand the chance to cool off their joysticks. Many will agree with me (Seer Samuel) that the larger percent of young guys who often visit the brothel are those who have no girlfriends.

4. They are quick to say “Nigerian girls don tire me”

Not all single guys are happy about their status even though they will never admit it. Some are frustrated people and can easily be spotted on social media. They are aggressive people who are quick to unleash their anger on any innocent lady on social media.

5. They Masturbate Often

As funny as it sounds, some of these guys buy vaseline and bathing soap almost every week and you will begin to question their level of neatness. Since the possibility of getting laid is very slim, they resort to using vaseline as an alternative to ease their konji.

6. They Discourage their Friends from having Girlfriends

Since some of them have had awful relationship experiences and have been jilted by ladies, they see relationship as a waste of time. They are spotted swearing that thunder should strike them if their N10 ever reaches out to any lady. They discourage guys from buying their girlfriends gifts and are experts in giving advice on how to treat a lady with pain and cruelty.

7. They Hire Girlfriends during their Birthdays

When they organize birthday parties, they will hire ladies that will stand as girlfriends in order not to be put to shame when invited people are coming with their girlfriends. When the MC asks them to kiss the hired girlfriends, they will be sweating profusely like someone who lost his lifetime savings on MMM.

8. They remain Indoor on Valentine’s Day

Another way to spot them is that they’re locked up in their rooms on valentine’s day, and when you ask them if they are taking their girlfriends on rendezvous, they will give you reasons as to why no girl on earth is worth celebrating val with.

9. They have stark of Porn on their phones

Their phones are usually passworded and guarded even more than central bank. This is to prevent other people from having access to the numerous porn on their phones. They are ardent lovers of Spartacus, Sparktan, 300 and or reality TV show such as BBA and the likes

10. They always have the same status in their respective social networks. Eg, Being single rocks, girls are gold diggers, money is my priority in life, when I make money ladies will chase me, etc.

I drop my pen at this juncture



10. His Relationship Status is “Hidden”

11. You Can operate his phone without him freaking out

12. He prefer you coming to his apartment most of the time

13. He keeps you away from his friends, especially the handsome ones.

14. His right arm has more muscles than his left arm or his tissue paper is almost empty always cry

15. They have the photos of Jesus everywhere in their apartment

16. No traces of a woman’s belongings in his apartment

17. Just one bucket and sponge in his bathroom

18. He likes watching cartoons. Especially SpongeBob grin

19. No traces of long, big combs in his drawers

20. If he have a diary in his bedroom undecided

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