11 Categories Of Female Virgins

No matter how ladies pretend about hating sex, they fantacize about it, they wait for it; and look for it because all humans are born with primal sex urge.

This is because in today’s progressive society, ladies are scorned for their choices especially when it comes to keeping their virginity, therefore, they all pretend (both virgins and non virgins) they are not interested in sex at all.

Don’t tongue lash me cos I’m not trying to say that every virgin wants to get laid, but as a general rule, the point is that sexual urge for intimacy is a respecter of nobody

Having said all that, let’s get to business

11 Categories Of Female Virgins

1. The “Reborn Babes”
These ones aren’t really biological virgins but are virgins because they have given their lives to Christ. Just like a sinner who gives his/her life to christ (old things are past away cheesy


2. The Ugly Babe
This one lacks opportunity because of her ugliness and poor taste in fashion. Though beauty does not in any way have anything to do with a lady being a virgin, but research and sampling has shown that when a lady is extremely ugly and has poor taste in fashion, she’s likely to be a virgin because she’s most likely to have few or no male suitors (this ascertion is open to criticism anyway cool

3. The Wedding Night Babe
She actually wants to keep it because of the belief that her husband will love, respect and cherish her more, not knowing that NOT all men appreciate the gift of virginity. That is very nice but it’s paramount to know that there so many assholes and irresponsible men out there who may not even give a damn about your virginity

4. The Crazy But Determined One
She’s termed a spoilt brat because she wears revealing clothes, goes clubbing and leads any sex topic. Friends and family have bad impression towards her but she’s certainly a virgin

5. The Scared Babe
She’s very scared because she has read all kind of books and has also been told about the awful pains

6. The Indoor Babe
She still a virgin because her parents are overly strict to the ethat she’s not allowed to go out at her spare time.

7. The Mommy’s Girl
Her mother has deposited fear in her that she will bring shame to the family if she engages in sex or puts in the family way .

8. The Molested Virgin
She was molested at a tender age and still considers herself as a virgin

9. Those Who Don’t Know Why They Are Keep Their Virginity
These ones are virgin but they don’t even have a good reason for keeping it. Imagine for a second your bf asks why you want to keep your virginity ? And you reply, I want to keep it because I don’t want to contract STDs, have unplanned babies or see you go crazy ? Would such word not feel like a slap on his face and leave him feeling like a heap of undesirable dirt

10. The Hypocrite
She doesn’t allow sex to happen but she allows cuddling, kissing, smooching without leading to sex. In as much as her hymen has not been popped, she’s still a virgin na tongue

11. The Original Virgins 

These ones keep their virginity till wedding night without any beliefs that their husband will appreciate it or not.

They keep it because they ain’t the prostitute type, they’re the decent girls we see out there who refuse to give themselves cheap to guys.

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