500-Year-Old G-String And Bra Discovered In Ancient Castle In Austria (Pics)

A recent discovery from an ancient castle in Austria has proven, that bras are not exactly new age.

In fact, the bras that they discovered, hidden in a vault of the castle, date back more than 500 years.

This is from the same period that Leonardo Da Vinci was still walking the Earth.

The discovery also revealed that not only is the undergarment older than previously thought but so is the ‘sexy’ This old-school bra were decorated with lace, proving Victoria had secrets half of a millennium ago.


Even though it was not in the best condition, it’s clear that it’s similar to the modern bra and pants.

The findings consisted of four linen bras, panties and it rewrote history because it was universally accepted that bras became a thing only a century ago.

They were also decorated to add some sex appeal.

The menacing-looking Langberg Castle in East Tyrol, Austria is where a spicy discovery was recently made.

The pieces of underwears were discovered in a hidden vault.

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