Did You Know, 2 Others Who Killed Lion In The Bible Apart From Samson?

Lion is a fearsome beast and it’ s almost difficult for any other animal or beast to pick a fight with a new maned lion.

Frequently regarded as the King of the jungle, the ruler of the animal, Lion is really strong and effective.

Human stands small hazard towards any form of wild beast mainly a Lion, with it is long and structure claws and teeth.

Lion is one animal you ought to run a ways away from when you see it however in the Bible there are information of guys that stood toe to toe with a lion and got here out victorious.

First was Samson
Judges 14: 5- 6 ” Then went Sam’ son down, and his father and his mother, to Tim’ nath, and come to the winery of Tim’ nath: and, behold, a younger Lion roared towards him.

And the Spirit of the Lord got here mightily upon him, and he hire him as he would have lease a Kid, and he had nothing in his hand: however he told not his father or his mom what he has done.

Impressive right?

He killed it with so an awful lot ease, if you study extra about Samson you will know he is like the superman of the bible

Second individual was once younger David

1 Samuel 17: 34- 36 ” David then said to Saul ‘ your servant became a shepherd of his father’ s flock, and a lion got here also a bear, and each carried off a sheep from the flock.

I went after it and struck it down and rescued it from its mouth. When it rose up in opposition to me, I grabbed it with the aid of its fur and struck it down and put it to death

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Your servant struck down each the lion and bear. . . ”

David most be one very robust boy to have killed a lion as nicely as a bear with his naked hands.
Samson and David are famous bible names, but any one else additionally killed a lion

I am certain many people won’ t be aware of who I am speaking of, he is a very mighty soldier in David military

Let’ s discover what their name is

2 Samuel 23: 20 ” And Be- naĆ­ah the son of Jehoi’ a- da, the son of a valiant man, of Kab’ ze- el, who had executed many acts, he sleep two lionlike men of Mo’ ab: he went down also and slew a Lion in the midst of a pot in time of snow: “

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