Guys, Silly Things You Should Stop Doing When Your Are 25yrs& Above

AGE they say doesn’t define maturity or wisdom but that is not excusable for absolutely behaving like a kid. I’m sure you have seen at least one “childish” guy even though he’s through with his degree but still thinks and behaves like a pry 2 school boy

Being mature means a man is able to care of himself and approaches problems with a calm and collected manner. He understands the importance of being a man, being independent and values what he has. One doesn’t necessarily have to be rich before he’s being regarded as matured, but needs to have a good orientation about money making and ability to influence others to the best of his capabilities

Sadly, the fact that you could admit to see a part of yourself doing one of these things even till now does not give you the audacity to throw punches at me because we are ALL Evolving and we have some maturing to do. cheesy

Without further ado, let’s get started

Guys, Silly Things You Should Stop Doing When Your Are 25yrs& Above

1. Writing Yourself Off Because Of Your Financial Status
Many guys believe that if you consistently make money you will get the lady you desire. This is complete bogus. Your money can however get you a money-grubbing lady that would zoom off when your cash flow no longer meet her needs

The notion that every lady wants money has driven many dudes into developing low self esteem; and acting like ladies puppets. As a matter of fact, no matter how empty your pocket is, no lady can ridicule you unless you give her the chance to. Remember empty pocket is NOT empty destiny cheesy

When a guy lacks self confidence and holds himself in low self esteem, he sees money as the only manipulation tool to get the lady he desires

2. Publishing Your Life Plans On Social Media
Having your friends informed about your plans is not a bad idea but it should be done moderately on social sites.

I have a friend who keeps updates of his movements on social sites, That is, he keeps travel, exam and food updates. You see updates like,

Exam Loading 30% ..50%… 100%;

GNS 201 taken down, Com 101 here I come;

In two hour’s time, I will be in 400L …. 400L here I come with swag;

Ibadan loading 10%.. Oyo Loading 30%.. Akure Loading.. 100%

Haba !! bros you are no more getting younger for Christ’s sake. Passing your messages this way isn’t a bad idea,

Another step forward in my academics, Lord I thank you;

Final lap, this calls for celebration;

Lord see me through as I embark on this journey;

Isn’t it better that way ?

3. I too Know
A mature guy needs to be polite, respectful, considerate and attentive. Even if you have vast knowledge in Queen’s English, do not aim it at using it to mock others. A mature guy respects other people’s way of talking knowing fully well that your fluency is NOT a true measure of intelligence.

A negatively minded immature dude will always be complaining and seeing the bad side to everything by antipathy felling that is expressed by condemnation especially when other people are trying to communicate their mind lucidly. Just as we have some self acclaimed mature skull head yet dummies who have no meaningful contribution to make but condemn every write-ups

4. Lying To Ladies So As To Get Liked
The notion that many ladies fall easily for liars doesn’t mean you should you should also employ lies to win a lady’s heart.

A dude with ambition, distinctive set of goals for himself and holds himself with high self esteem will not be deterred from other people’s belief and will not be easily pressured into doing things that he does not believe in.

I personally believe that when a dude has low self esteem, swag-less and does have what it takes to prove his worth, he resort to lying about what he’s not just to get liked. I see no reason why I should lie to a lady about being in 400L when I’m currently schooling in a Polytechnic. Ooooh common this is pure discombobulation.. You have to be confident in yourself, who you are, stay true to your word and true to yourself

5. Generally Acting Like An Idi.ot
I detest guys who act like idiots when they spot a lady. At 25, a lady passes and you have to show your stupidity by hissing or shouting. ”see ukwu”, or ”see ynash”.. Isn’t that foolishness ?

You have to bring out that your Q5 or Ipad just the moment you spot a lady and that’s when you start singing, doesn’t that make you a plain idi.ot ?
The truth is, you don’t have to flaunt your electronic gadgets to show how sophisticated you are. Your worth can be proven even with a torchlight phone of N2, 000

If you are 25yrs and above you still find yourself doing this, then it’s a clear indication that you are a certified idiot. Even if you seem immature inwardly, you don’t have to display it outside

6. Sagging Of Trouser
In my personal view, men that are guilty of this are not worth my respect. I just can’t fathom why or how a grown up man would put his trouser beneath his buttocks and go about sagging and prancing around the streets. It doesn’t NOT make you look like a big boy but it makes you look weird, absurd and childish .

Someone who spends more time pursuing his passion/ aspirations would never go about sagging his trouser and go about walk bouncing the streets.. If not for the epileptic economic state of the nation you should be through with child bearing cheesy

7. Chasing Your Kid Sister’s Mate From Street To Street
The notion that one should enjoy his youthful days judiciously doesn’t mean you should go about chasing anything putting on skirts around the streets.

Also, chasing and keeping different species of ladies is NOT and achievement and will never be an achievement anytime anyday. When you are 25yrs & above and you are guilty of this, you are silly.

By the time nemesis catches up you with, you will start running from churches to mosques to Guru Maraji crying for deliverance

8. Going To A Party Without Being Invited.
I personally don’t go to parties where I’m not invited unless I’m going with a friend who was invited. This shows self respect and discipline. You shouldn’t be present anywhere things are being given for free

9. Raising Shoulders To Neighbours
It’s paramount to know that the farther you go in life, the humbler you should become. That your parents are rich and you were privilege to be a graduate at a tender does not make you should look down on others, remember life doesn’t life end there.

On a different note, life is about class but It doesn’t mean you should avoid saying hi to neighbours just because you want to show class

10. Going To The Church Without A Bible
Your church does not beam Bible passages on the screen, but you always go to church without a Bible/mobile installed Bible on your phone& you see nothing wrong in it, bro you need to be spiritually grounded to some extent.

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