Help! I Love Her But I Am Not Enjoying My Relationship

Hello everyone, I really need candid opinion that can help move my relationship forward.

I and my fiancee are born-again Christian with no sex relationship for 3years now. Not even kissing let alone other stuff and we are both Virgins.

I am a graduate with a relatively good Job and she is a final year student in the University.

I really love her but their are things I covet in other relationships that I think its normal for me to have it without demanding it from her.

1. She doesn’t call me love names until 3months ago that I forced her to.
2. She doesn’t discuss what she feels about me but enjoys me telling her what I feel about her.
3. She doesn’t cook for me.
4.She avoids mature discussions relating to sex and of course I am not a kid. I sometimes bring this up to know her sexual orientation not because I wanted sex.
5. She forcefully tell me she loves me until recently that she developed courage to do so.
6. She is so shy to show me any actions of love when we are together let alone in the public.

Anytime I discus all of these with her she usually make spirituality as an excuse that I should wait till after marriage then she will show me how much she loves me. She said she believes doing all this will get us to fornicate. I tried convincing her opinion but no positive response.

I love her so much, how do I marry someone I can’t see her actions of love and I don’t want to start thinking other wise please advise me on what to do.

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