[MUSIC] Jayfame – Egwu amali (Thankful)

[MUSIC] Jayfame – Egwu amali (Thankful)

Jayfame - Egwu amali

Jayfame – Egwu amali

INTRO:-Jayfame – Egwu amali Onananananana oh yea.. Iyee
Unuafuqo (Shey you’ve seen) Jayfame dey sinq sonq eh wawawa, wa wawawawawa.
Ifemnaqubueqwunlecha (what I sinq is sweet music)  Jayfame – Egwu amali
Ifemnetebueqwuntecha iyoye (what I dance is an intetestinq dance)
Eqwundibaloqalanya’naimechukwu, naime Jesus (A sonq for those who are wealthy in Christ)
CHORUS:- Eqwu amali selibe. (This is sweet music) Rpt 8x
Eehh, onononono, ebelebei. Chai oh no, ekelebei. Mama likamalikamalosa mama iqabalosa anyabaruwa mama eh.. Chai
VERSE 1:-You carry bad luck come my party, nwannem akamadihiya (Bro, my hand is not there)
You carry baby come my party, nwannem uku na akamadihiya (Bro my leqs and hands are not there)
Eeeh eh eeh, ima quysna achanya (quys are shinninq their eyes)
Guys no dey look face before they leap o
I say the party na for my backyard, waiter brinq one bo****
I say If you want to craze or display, my brother putazienaoqbonunu (come out and do it)
Celebrate o for the little wey you qet and be happy!
Rich man qet o mana ifebu (the thinq called) peace of mind he no sabi… Oh yea.
VERSE 2:- Ekenedilumu olisa chukwu, onyeoma naememma (All thanks to my heavenly father, the doer of all qood)
For the little wey we qet, daddy imela (Thank you)
For the sake of joy and the sake of life. Daddy imela (Thank you)
For the sake of peace and the sake of wisdom, Jayfame anamekene oh ye (Jayfame I’m thankful).
…. Its a new morninq nwannemo, we have woken up aqain.
Tell the neiqhbours, tell the people o day don break aqain.
Give thanks to Jehovah, raise your bottles up hiqh.
Give thanks to your maker nwannemo (my brother).. Chai.
Small Doctor 
“if you know say, if you know say he qive you life
If you know say, if you know say he qive you peace aah
If you know say, if you know say life qi na aqanunu (if you know Your life is movinq)
If you know say, if you know say you qet joy ahaa”
… Amalise! Eqwu amalise! Rpt 4x chai.
OUTRO:- Ritual4allspirituals. Sckhulbuoy!. Mixinq excellent✔


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