Ladies Should Be Arrested For Wearing This (Opinion)

Ladies Should Be Arrested For Wearing This (Opinion)

The right clothes can make you feel better about yourself, even smarter, but the wrong clothes can — in some cases — make you feel pain and even make you sick. Read on for some ways your clothes might be hurting you.

Fashion is an art form just like sculpture, dance, painting, and anything. It’s especially fun because you can interact with it in your daily life and use it to express yourself.

Fashion is important because the first thing you do everyday is to put on a clean presentable outfit. If you put on a presentable outfit, you would feel really good about yourself.

This bellow is some of experience by other people about out fit

look at people guessing what they might be wearing in regards to their choice of shoes. Times have changed since I was a kid. Doc Marten’s aren’t just for Punk Rock or Straight Edge people. In the early 1990’s I started wearing Doc Marten’s with my Laura Ashley shoes b/c I liked the look & being in publishing I always entertained my colleagues with my outfits. I love to wear real fashion hats. I always have.

When I go to the dog park, I see people mostly in sports wear. It has taken over causal wear. Leggings, Yoga pants, & LuLuLemon cloth quite a few men & women. The fuzzy North Face coats have created a entire new look for every soccer mom & dad in the country. Under Armor, Patagonia, Nike, Adidas, have all taken over. Business causal has been created.

The khaki pants, a polo shirt for men or an oxford with a belt. No jacket. Women wear a plethora of options from a overall jumper dress, wide leg linen pants, long sleeve blouses fused from the 1970’s to now, floral patterns, utilitarian silhouettes up-scaled with fancy fabrics, more comfortable shoes, even Birkenstock are now made in precious metal colors like rose gold, silver even sparkling fabrics. Contrast, it’s the biggest trend in fashion. You can tell if someone doesn’t care about fashion.

Goth has gone Emo, Preppy is Sporty, country is skinny jeans with cowboy boots & the hat. Skinny jeans have ruled the schools & college for the last 10 years. So when you see women & men wearing a newer sporty comfortable look, it could be a mom or dad that buys everyone’s clothes. Sustainable or Vintage use to be only for “collectors” or Rachel Zoe. Now vintage looks are a welcome anywhere anytime.

This past season of the runway showed me the direction fashion is going, they had Apocalyptic style, one of my biggest looks is the leather suit for women. Chunky Knits, Asymmetrical skirts, shirts, patterns mixed with stripes & flowers. Designers have opened the doors for expressionism in fashion. A great HBO series “Euphoria” showed neon makeup, sparkling sheer turtlenecks, tiny mini skirts, and colors juxtaposed to each other that make vibrating boundaries look as dull as sand. Monochromatic, neutral, classics tell me this is a fashionista or fashionere. We are having a Renaissance in the fashion world. Embrace it.

The way you dress shows your expression to the world. A person who wears matching colored clothes & accessories shows that a person is stylish. Some people wear what they feel is comfortable means that they are practical and sensible.

You most definitely have a favorite color that suits your personality, fashion taste and skin tone. While, your work might deem this pop of bright color inappropriate, you can always freshen up your look with nice flattering outerwear in that particular color.

For example, if you simply love how color red makes you feel but you can’t escape the neutrals because of work, cute red coat can always make you feel better and connected to your own style.

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