Love Vs Compatibility: Which Is The Best Reason To Get Married

The factors people consider before getting married differs and, this has been so from time immemorial. Finding love is a beautiful thing but, getting married just because you love someone is putting yourself in a dicey situation you might find difficult to pull out from. Love is the foundation of every marriage but, the sustainability of the marriage institution is not solely dependent on love alone. Several other factors; the chief of all being compatibility, have their own roles to play.

A lot of would-be couples tend to water down on compatibility as they prepare to walk down the aisle and, this has paved way for irreparable cracks in their union. The first and most important thing they look out for is how attracted they are to each other which isn’t a bad idea; but, hinging ALL their expectations for a happy union on the basis of attraction alone isn’t too good a try. Compatibility, after love, is the bedrock of any successful union. What you condone with your partner while in a courting relationship is the exact same thing you’ll condone when you’re married. Compatibility deals with your likes and dislikes, your dos and donts, your traits and habits, your temperaments and composure. Check out if you and your partner have same or likely things in common and, if you don’t, sit together and work a way to balance it. No two humans venturing into a marriage union are perfect but, if you both can decide to work things out, then, there’ll surely be a headway.

Loving your partner goes beyond loving their physical appearances. How about when they’re casually dressed? How about when their having bad days? What exactly is your basis for loving your partner? Do you only love him/her when they look good OR, do you ignore them and turn a blind eye in their hey days? These factors tend to crop up as the relationship grows and, when overfamiliarity sets in, cracks are inevitable. Loving your partner should go beyond what your eyes can see of them. Loving your partner should go beyond whether there are good times or not. When these factors are rightly in place, there’s absolutely no way your partner won’t love you regardless; whether good or bad.

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Finding love in and with your partner is basic and important but, have you checked for other factors? What are your intellectual capacities – are the same or alike? What are your visions? Do they align in tandem with your partner’s? In regards to emotional stability and maturity, are you and your partner on the same page OR, do you take pride in riding on one person’s weak moments just so you can feel better about yourself? Before even going ahead in marrying your partner, ensure that you both are on the same page and are headed in the same direction. While it’s good to marry someone you love, marry someone you connect with on so many levels because if/when the “love” eventually wears off and the coast is clear, you alone can imagine what will happen next.

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