Meta Tag Generator

Meta Tag Generator tool is used by many websites, blogs etc for publishing their website in different search engines. This tool helps you to create Meta Tags and place them on your web page content according to your need. This is a simple method to get website popularity among search engine friendly and crawler friendly sites. If you are really in need of this kind of service, you need to find out a website that offers it for nominal rates or sometimes free of cost. Once you enter the keywords or phrases of your choice in text boxes, you can then click on submit button and immediately a list of all websites with similar contents will appear. You can see which site is more popular according to the ranking and can choose to add your website to that site or leave.

Meta Tag Generator Tool functions in a simple manner. Once you type Title, Description and keywords of your website in Text boxes and click on submit button, The entire result will be shown below in the form of Meta Tags ( Titles, Description and keywords) to add them to your web page. If you want to make Meta tags as per search engines, you need to insert special characters like %, &, * etc instead of using single quote marks. You can also insert your own text in these tags. It is very important to create Meta tags as per search engines as using inappropriate keywords in these tags can hurt your chances of showing up on top in search engine rankings. So you should select a proper keyword and make it the anchor text of Meta tag.

Meta tags help search engines to understand the purpose of particular web pages. There are certain search engines like Google that requires Meta keywords to be included in source code of a web page. Meta tags also give some additional details like the name of the creator of the web page, description of the creator, and website address. Google spider is used to read the source code of each web page and use the Meta keywords and other details in generating search results.

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