N-power Batch C Shortlist: How To Fix “Blank Verification Page” Issue

N-Power Batch C: How To Fix “Blank Verification Page” Issue

Many N-Power Batch C applicants have been worried over the “white blank” page experienced when suddenly clicking the ‘verification’ tab on the N-Power/NASIMS portal.

(See attached screenshot as evidence)

Please if you are an N-Power Batch C applicant, trying to login and keep facing this issue on the N-Power portal, please do not panic, as this is a network issue from the N-Power/NASIMS Portal.

All N-Power Batch C applicants are advised to logout of the N-Power/NASIMS portal and Login again to the N-Power/NASIMS portal and the issue will be resolved.

Secondly an N-Power Batch C applicant facing the ‘blank’ verification page issue should use a stronger browser like chrome browser with a high bandwidth signal strength like Swift network.

Thirdly an N-Power Batch C applicant should login into the N-Power/NASIMS portal during off peak periods, later in the night or very early in the morning, as lots of N-Power Batch C applicants are also trying to login into the N-Power portal simultaneously.

Fourthly more N-Power Batch C applicants’ names are still being processed. As long as an N-Power Batch C applicants’ performance is not bad, the N-Power Batch C applicant still have a high chance of scaling through.

Following the above instructions would get the issue of “blank” Verification page resolved.

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