See The Lies Nigerian Ladies Often Formulate To Guys For Losing Their Virginity

I have never seen a lady that will not formulate a touching story astonishing how she lost her virginity. It either ranges from their EX who coerced them into sex out of ignorance and naivety; they didn’t know it happened, they lost it when climbing an ugwu leaf at their backyards or when they were riding bicycles.

In as much as I admire guys courage to always take responsibilities for their own actions without blaming it on anybody. Ever since I was born, I’m yet to see a guy in his right sense of reasoning telling awful stories of how he lost his virginity. A guy engages in sex due to his own discretion and deems it disgraceful to be formulating stories as to why he lost it. A lady on the other hand will do it at her own discretion, (not because she was forced or something but because she wanted it) but will heap loads of lies on whom she did it with afterwards just to evoke pity from her partner.

These formulation of lies are unleashed and aimed at appearing decent and responsible. As a result of this, they come up with all sorts of pitiful stories just to avoid being labeled a badoo.

The purpose of this post is not to demean ladies but to open the eyes of many young dude who may be gullible to fall for these lies

*Let me open the floor by sharing the greatest lie ever formulated to me*

There was this lady I dated for a few months. I, being a type of person that doesn’t deem it right to inquire a lady’s intimate status. Since my friends were always giving testimonies of how ladies often. come up with framed up stories, I decided to ask this babe if she ever had intimate experience. She told me she once had and complemented it with a sorrowful story of how she lost it when she was bathing. According to her, she accidentally slipped her finger into her v-jay when she was trying to wash her thighs thoroughly with soap and sponge. I just smiled and consoled her.

I don’t know why most ladies always come up with these related stories that will definitely evoke compassion and pity.

Guys, over to you cool

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