The Strength And Challenges Of A Mother’s Love While On Her 9-month Journey

By Seer Samuel

Motherhood is a rare kind of grace that women are blessed with by God. It comes with its own perks but, the stress, pains and feelings are all worth it. From the instant a woman takes in (gets pregnant), her body system begins to change in order to adapt to the foetus she’s carrying inside of her. The hormonal changes begins to take its toll on her and, she does all she can to adjust to the new changes. Then comes the incessant throwing up and unusual and unnecessary cravings. Pregnant mums find themselves craving for foods, drinks and chops they wouldn’t dare touch on a normal day but, pregnancy has made them that way.

Throwing up while in the first trimester of pregnancy isn’t common with all women; some women deal with excessive hormonal changes while some deal with pangs here and there. In all of these, a mother still wears her pain like a crown because, the joy of birthing another human inside of her is worth all the pains.

For most women, their second trimester is one hell of an experience. Their body sizes begin to alter drastically, their cravings increase, their hormonal changes take an entirely different angle……… so many things take anew shape in her body. Women have this tendency to flow with just any vibe while at this stage of pregnancy and, this is because, they’ve learnt to adapt fully. Some engage in exercises, some do yoga, some do roadwalks and, some do fitness routines; all this is in a bid to keep in shape and ensure that their pelvic region is well flexible in preparation for th actual birth process.

For most women that work in organizations, they juggle between preparing their young kids for school, ensuring their husband is in check before running off to work. Sometimes, they even forget to look after themselves but, some women NEVER forget their personal routines. Well, not everyone has that grace, you know! And, while at work, work stress sets in but, they pay no attention to it. Not because it doesn’t matter but because the pains they’re going through is nothing compared to the joy they can’t wait to behold once their baby is born. They draw strength from their joys ahead. At this point, most mothers won’t mind a back rub because, the pains experienced at this point is no joke; especially as the weight of the baby now begins to tell on the mother.

Then, the third trimester comes and, the mother is getting ready to deliver. Ooh! What a joy she can’t wait to behold. At this point, her entire body size is altered. She begins to nag at any given opportunity and goes to pee in the toilet by the minute. It’s no fault of hers; the baby’s movement is actually hinging on her bladder; hence her constant visits to the toilet. At the set time, she finally puts to bed her baby and, you can literally feel the joy beaming from her heart.

Her 9-month journey has now come to an end; with the successful arrival of her new born. The pains she went through 9 months ago, they don’t matter to her anymore. The cravings? They’ve all reclined. The back pains? Disappeared! Her happiness? Tripled! The joys of motherhood can’t ever be quantified and, this is because a mother’s love for her kids is priceless. Whatever form of pain it is she went through while birthing them no longer mean anything because, she’s ,write her prize of victory. Motherhood, though not an easy one, is such an amazing yet, fulfilling journey.

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