What Is Your Love Language?


When you hear the term love language what comes to your mind?… Let me guess… You probably think it is when you say or hear sweet things to or from someone you love but you are so very wrong..

Love language is that unique and peculiar way people expect to be treated for them to have a level of assurance that they are loved and the most complex twist to this is that every individual has a different love language and this is why you must meticulously find out the love language of the person you are with and not just assume you know.

OK let me make it simpler for you to understand by listing the different love languages we have.

1.Physical Touch: This is the love language of some people and no matter what you do for them, if this is lacking then you don’t love them… If you like give them all the Diamonds in the world, as long as you don’t touch them as often as they want, they will never feel loved and may Likely cheat on you with anyone who is ready to to communicate with them this way even if the person does not truly desire them.

2. Words of affirmation : This is the way some people understand love. Do whatever you think they love, if you don’t tell them often how you love and appreciate them, they will fly away into the hands of anyone who will and even if the person is lying to them, they care less but just tell them often how special they are to you or how sweet they are and you are guaranteed their love and devotion.

3. Gifts: This is as straightforward as it sounds.. Just by some people gifts whether expensive or not and you have their love and devotion, to this group of people nothing else is as important as you buying them gifts from time to time and no matter what you do, to them they will never feel loved until they find someone who buys them gifts.

4. Quality time : This set of people care less about words of affirmation gift, or anything else but just spend time with them and I mean quality time and you have them loving you like puppies, this set of people are the type that complain of their lover not spending time with them even if they get the whole world from same person

5. Acts of service : This set of people just need you to be there for them in terms of rendering little assistance from time to time. This is their own love language and they will fall in love helplessly with anyone who is selfless enough to Render a helping hand even if you have nothing else to give them.

The Question now is…. “How do we know the love language of the person in our lives…”

The answer is very simple… ASK. don’t assume.. Many of us know what makes our hearts melt so stop assuming and stop doing the wrong things cos no matter what you do, if you don’t communicate with your significant other in the precise love language they love, you will only make them feel unloved and may likely lose them to someone who hits the right spot.

So when you hear your loved one complain to you that he or she does not feel loved by you regardless of all your efforts, please don’t get confused, you are probably not using their love language to communicate with them. Once you get it right, you will definitely experience a whole new boost in your romance.

Hope this makes sense.


Source: https://www.nairaland.com/6442761/what-love-language

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